[rescue] SPARCstation 5: framebuffer resolution wont change

Romain Dolbeau romain at dolbeau.org
Sat Apr 1 13:48:15 CDT 2017

2017-04-01 20:13 GMT+02:00  <matthewf at manx.net>:
> Using the following lines gets me an error on my Eizo Flexscan L586:
> 1: : vsetup " " 78750000,60022,75,16,96,176,1024,1,3,28,768,COLOR,0OFFSET" ;

That probably won't work by default on a TGX, since 78.75 MHz is not a
default clock on the TGX, it's probably defaulting to another one and
perhaps ignoring you completely.

Default resolution include (from the Frame Buffer FAQ,

1024 x  768 at 60 Hz   64125000,48286,60,16,128,160,1024,2,6,29,768,COLOR
1024 x  768 at 70 Hz   74250000,56593,70,16,136,136,1024,2,6,32,768,COLOR
1024 x  768 at 77 Hz   84375000,62040,77,32,128,176,1024,2,4,31,768,COLOR
1152 x  900 at 66 Hz   94500000,61845,66,40,128,208,1152,2,4,31,900,COLOR
1152 x  900 at 76 Hz
1280 x 1024 at 67 Hz
1280 x 1024 at 76 Hz
1600 x 1280 at 76 Hz

There's also a 189 Mhz clock pre-defined that isn't listed here.
Using other clocks required re-writing most of the support functions
in Forth to be able to program the bt467 DAC.
The programming is done using pre-defined words such as "ics74" or
"ics117" from the "setup-oscillator" function, but the list is
hard-wired. So you need to duplicate "setup-oscillator" and it's
call-stack... it's quite tedious :-/

If your system boot Solaris, the attached script will set (a lot of)
Forth in the nvramrc to prepare stuff. It doesn't set use-nvramrc?
because that's too dangerous :-) so you need to load the content of
nvramrc by hand from the console (with nvedit & nvrun, see e.g.
Then you should be able to use short-hand such as "s10775" to load
1024x768 at 75.

Beware, this is barely tested on a couple of TGX+ and TGX and it
reprograms the bt467 to do funky stuff. It may cause any system to
spontaneously catch fire or even summon the Prince of Insufficient
Light to take you to Heck.

Be sure you know how to reset the nvram w/o any console, or even
better: make sure you're able to use a serial console.

Use at your own risk.


Good luck if you try it, you're going to need it.


Romain Dolbeau

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