[rescue] SPARCstation 5: framebuffer resolution wont change

matthewf at manx.net matthewf at manx.net
Sat Apr 1 13:13:49 CDT 2017

Right so Ive narrowed down the problem a bit more,

Using the following lines gets me an error on my Eizo Flexscan L586:

0: probe-sbus													
1: : vsetup " " 78750000,60022,75,16,96,176,1024,1,3,28,768,COLOR,0OFFSET" ;
2: vsetup 4
3: " /sbus/cgsix at 1" " override" execute-device-method drop
4: install-console
5: banner

The error being on the Vertical frequency, the monitor claims the signal is trying to be 123.0Hz which apparently is out of range for the display.

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