[rescue] SPARCstation 5: framebuffer resolution wont change

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Sat Apr 1 11:01:27 CDT 2017


That command looks to be correct for the card.

Curious why you need that resolution?

Are the monitors multisync ones that you are using, if so then they should
sync to any freq unless out of range of course?

I have never used that resolution change on SS5 OBP, but can confirm it works
on Ultra 1 systems with TGX card.

I would suggest trying it temporarily with a modern multisync which can cope
with higher sync/resoltion than the card and see what happens.

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On 1 Apr 2017, at 09:40, <matthewf at manx.net> <matthewf at manx.net> wrote:

> TurboGX would be the card and I have tried the following methods to change
> From PROM prompt:
> ok setenv output-device screen:r1024x768x60
> ok reset
> And the nvedit steps under the header "Setting up a Single Monitor Using the
PROM Method" listed on this page:
> Resolution still stays the same however when set to various resolutions but
at the ideal resolution for my set up 1024x768x60 I do get no picture at all
on multiple displays. The "best" display I have gives me a border of no
visibility around the screen of about an inch when set at 1152x900x66.
> I have also tried 2 different NVRAM chips in the system as well, and also a
second TurboGX card.
> At this point my only other course of action that I can see to take is
buying another monitor to try..
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