[rescue] Sun parts for free or trade in Portland, OR, USA

Shafer Stockton shaferstockton at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 16:05:38 CDT 2016

I have some extra old Sun parts and one system that I'd like to go to a
good home. You can have them free or trade me something. The trade option
is in case you have some parts you want to go to a good home.

I'm not interested in shipping any of this.

Systems I'd be interested in parts for:

Sparcstation 2
SGI Indigo 2
Netra T1 105

Things up for grabs:

Ultra 60
  Dual 300Mhz
  1152MB Memory
  Two 18GB Barracuda
  Creator3D Series 3 FFB2+

Sun CPUs
  501-4849 300Mhz
  501-2942 167Mhz
  501-2942 167Mhz

Netra T1 105 extra parts
 48vdc power supply (untested)
 Two 64MB mezzanine module
 Working motherboard
 Case missing screws and banged up

pwa-flapjack 2_m_bd
  Not sure if working
  CPU in socket

HP Dat Drive
  50-pin SCSI


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