[rescue] ZFS file disaster

Christopher Robinson chrisrobinson at rocketmail.com
Mon Oct 17 07:27:13 CDT 2016

Recently, after a bad shutdown of opensolaris, the boot archive became corrupted and would not bring up the graphical login.In text mode, I could see all of my files and I was able to rescue the most important pdf files using the photorec tool. However,of around 300text articles only about 1/6 kept their original author/title labelling. It was suggested to me that I take out theoriginal drive, install opensolaris on a new drive and then reinstall the original drive. When I did this none of the files on the 
original drive showed up. I though that the problem might be thatI needed to mount the drive. Using "format", I located thedrive and then used the "mount" command. I got the message that the drive was already mounted or in use. However, 
immediately after doing this the system would not boot at all. I do not know if there had been a mechanical failure of 
the drive or some other issue caused by trying to mount it.I am exploring data recovery options as a last resort, but these are a really awful rip-off. 

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