[rescue] Looking for copy of "Sunmos" or "OSF/1 AD"

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Sun Oct 16 20:21:08 CDT 2016

" From: Richard <ejb at trick-1.net>
" Hi Folks
" I already know this is a very very very long shot but here goes. 
" Background: I have a single Intel Paragon board, SCSI/Network/Serial
" Console all in one, so its a bit more than a node or standard service
" board. I am looking to power up standalone and hopefully get a monitor
" rom prompt of some sort out of the serial port. The available hardware
" suggests and reading suggests this is a reasonable expectation.
" I have also found information (yet to power up and confirm with tcpdump)
" that indicates that this board will TFTP boot if politely asked to do
" so.
" The objective is to boot  the boad via TFTP. femtoParagon anyone ;-) 
" What I am looking for is a copy of "Sunmos" to see if indeed I can
" tftpboot the light weight kernel onto a standalone board....OK so OSF/1
" AD would do also (hence the subject) but everything I have read suggests
" that this would be overkill..
" before I started the project (or obtained the board) is looks like
" Sunmos used to be available at
" ftp://ftp.cs.sandia.gov/pub/sunmos/ 
" however link death as stolen that form me.....

ftp sites are vanishing due i think to basic insecurity.

" If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated.

how about





which lists

    Stephen R. Wheat / srwheat at cs.sandia.gov

let's hope he's still there.
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