[rescue] Sun SPARCclassic + extras

Steve Rikli sr at genyosha.net
Sat Nov 12 13:48:42 CST 2016

I have a working Sun SPARCclassic + extras, free to a good home.

I'd prefer local pickup in the San Francisco bay area (I'm in 95050 south
bay), preferably for the whole lot; if you're *really* excited for a
Classic and will cover shipping, I'll box it up if there are no other

  SPARCclassic, No Keyboard
  ROM Rev. 2.9, 128 MB memory installed, Serial #821724.
  Ethernet address 8:0:20:5:d:5c, Host ID: 800c89dc.

NOTE:  the IDPROM has a dead/weak battery, but it does hold data if you
reprogram it after power on.  I can send along my notes for doing that,
but the instructions are pretty easily found on the net.

The Classic has installed:

  1 50MHz Sun TMS390S10 CPU
  2 16MB + 2*16MB + 2*32MB = 128MB RAM
  1 500MB IBM, DDRS-39130 disks
  1 SBus hme0 + MII
  1 SBus single-ended 50-pin SCSI
  1 "Powered by NetBSD" case badge  :-)

Some other extras and spares:

  1 Sun SCSI CDROM drive, X579A-ST; powers up, not sure beyond that
  2 Seagate ST15230N 50pin SCSI disks; I used these in other IPX & Classic
  2 Fujitsu MAN3367MP Ultra160 SCSI 68-pin/LVD disks
  3 "timekeeper RAM" chips, MK48T08B-15 (Ultra5 pulls iirc)
  1 "timekeeper RAM" chips, M48T08-150PC1 (SPARC10 pull? not sure)
  several small bags of 72-pin SIMMs; used in Sun4 and SGI Indy/igo iirc
  a few SCSI cables, 50 & 68 pin; some are Sun-branded
  small bag of internal SCSI cables, 50 & 68 pin
  small bag of SCSI terminators and converters; some are Sun-branded
I booted the Classic (w/ NetBSD) to make sure it's still running, but I
can't say for certain about the rest -- it was OK when it put it away
long ago.


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