[rescue] Sun, SGI field/service manuals

Steve Rikli sr at genyosha.net
Sat Nov 12 09:05:45 CST 2016

Cleaning the bookcase a bit, I have some Sun & SGI field and service
manuals to give away.

I'd prefer local pickup in the San Francisco bay area (I'm in 95050 south
bay), but if you're willing to cover shipping and don't mind waiting,
I'll box them up if there are no other takers.

1. Sun Field Engineer Handbook
   Volume I & II

This is the set that comes in a 3-ring brown binder; this edition is
dated 6/17/98 and covers SPARCclassic, through Sun4u, up to Ultra 450.

2. Sun Field Engineer Handbook
   Volume I & II

This edition is dated 9/18/00 and covers SPARC Xterminal1, through Sun4u,
up to Sun Blade 1000.

3. SGI System Support Handbook

This is a red spiral bound half-size manual for SGI SSEs back in '91-94.
It covers several system families (Challenge, Onyx, Crimson) and hardware
peripherals, as well as some IRIX/Unix fundamentals.  The appendices have
many board and component diagrams and pinouts/jumpers.

4. SGI Hardware Developer Handbook

This is a blue-green spiral bound manual from Feb 27 1995.  It has "chassis
tour" sections for the 4D "twin tower" systems, PI, Indigo(2), Challenge,
Indy, etc.  Lots of pinouts, board and component diagrams, some software

I haven't used these in a while (my last Sun will be donated shortly),
everything is in used but good shape, and complete AFAIK.


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