[rescue] SunCD Repair

Eddie Cottongim jcotton at intergate.net
Sat May 28 22:27:56 CDT 2016

Are there any service manuals, repair ideas etc available for the Sony 
CDU-8012? I've got one that responds to probe-scsi, but "test cdrom" 
gives back a "-1" failure (not much help), and is dead otherwise. It 
spins the CD briefly, then stops. No obvious internal problems after 
partial disassembly.

Failing that, will a SS 10 tolerate a SCSI DVD?  The HP A5220-67003 
seems promising - appears to have the right SCSI-2 interface,  has a 512 
sector jumper, the only issue may be the SCSI connector on it looks like 
a standard SCSI fine pitch, whereas the Sony has a 0.1" header, so the 
cables in the external box may need some rethinking.


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