[rescue] Sun-3 MMU test failure

Shawn Neely maxweb at pacbell.net
Sat May 21 15:12:50 CDT 2016

I have a Sun-3 3004 "Carrera" CPU board (part 501-1164) in a 3-slot 3/110 chassis,
but when I power up it consistently fails Test 11 with the following diag-mode
serial console message:

MMU Access/Modify Bit Test
 Err 5: Page Map status, Exp 0xF3000001, Obs 0xF2000001, Xor 0xF0000001

Any tips on how to debug this?  I have an old HP 'scope and logic analyzer but
can't readily access the powered board in the chassis.  I've used bus extender boards

to check S-100 cards in the past but can't find any reasonably-priced VME extenders
for sale, and nothing as wide as 9U.  The CPU is the only board in the chassis,
so perhaps I could pull it out and power it up on an insulated bench if I can find

a suitable power supply or wire up the 3/100 supply to the external board.

Any suggestions on how to approach this or where to start looking on the board
would be most appreciated.  Thanks!

Shawn Neely
Oakland, CA

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