[rescue] customizing OBP/text colors

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed May 11 12:44:18 CDT 2016

>>> When using a monochrome (green) CRT black on green just doesn't
>>> look as good as green on black.
>> If just getting it out of reverse video is enough for you, you can
>> use ESC [ p and ESC [ q [...]
> Used the emit and it certainly made it look better in monochrome
> mode.


> Where do you get this information, just lots of experience?

That, plus a mind that is fairly good at picking up stray nuggets of
information and filing them away for later use.  I think the ESC [ p
and ESC [ q sequences were documented somewhere for SunOS; I forget
whether I found something that said they worked in OBP or whether I
just tried it and discovered they worked.

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