[rescue] Slow NFS between Sun-3 and Raspberry Pi 2

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Tue Mar 29 18:35:31 CDT 2016

On 03/29/2016 07:17 PM, Shawn Neely wrote:
> I recently got a diskless Sun-3/60LE up and running NetBSD 7.0 using a
> Raspberry Pi 2 B (running the latest Debian/Raspbian Jessie) as a network boot
> and NFS server.B  I'm still working out a few kinks, but the first is the slow
> speed of my network file accesses.


> I'd expect to get about 1 MB (10Mbps) through the Ethernet connection, but I'm
> still an order of magnitude off that, throughput-wise.

    Given the topology of your network, I'd at least try to make sure
that you're using NFS version 3 and TCP as the protocol.  If you're
using UDP, the various rate-changes are likely killing you on NFS

    Definitely try testing the thing using a hub -- and for the best
results, make sure everybody's talking at the same speed.

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