[rescue] SunOS 1.x

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Mon Mar 28 14:03:54 CDT 2016


On 28 mrt. 2016, at 20:26, Earl Baugh <earl at baugh.org> wrote:
> I have it (and the System/32 edition that was pre 1.0, not sure if it's the
> 0.7 edition or what,

In the meanwhile, a kind sould pointed me to Sun UNIX 0.7 which is at
I believe this is the only Sun-branded OS to run on Sun1? SunOS 1.0/1.2 is
still interesting to have. I do have 1.1.

> I want to get it on one of the new
> disk emulator solutions for my Sun 1/100.    (I have a working original
> disk for it but that
> has OS 3.2 on it... and yes the Sun 1/100 boot and runs from that disk...
> thought I tend to
> be very gentle with it.   I have a contact that might have some NOS Fujitsu
> drives (am going
> to find out this weekend at VCF SE 4.0!) that if they're right I've got
> dibs to buy them.

Wow, I didnt know you have a 1/100. Thats amazing. How many have ever

The reason I am looking into SunOS/Sun UNIX for Sun1 is that I acquired what
looks to be a rebranded Sun1 system. Dont know if (or what) it boots and
havent got it here with me yet. When I do, Ill certainly mail more about


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