[rescue] easy way to boot disks with an add on SCSI card?

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Mon Mar 28 13:11:59 CDT 2016

" From: CLIFFORD HAIGHT <klemish at hotmail.com>
" Is there any easy way to boot disks that are attached to a SCSI add on card?
" I have tried to install OS on the disk in my Sun 611 enclosure but it just
" doesn't seem to work.
" Boot into other OS on the built in interface is easy I just say boot disk1:a
" or disk3:a
" I've have issues trying to boot Solaris on internal, target 2 disk 2 but BSD
" and linux work fine with that partition.
" I believe disks in the enclosure start at 8 but boot disk8:a doesn't do
" anything and it will just boot into the default partition.

'disk1' and 'disk3' are just shorthand aliases for device paths;
thet's wny 'disk8' didn't work - the alias doesn't exist.

i don't have it fresh at my fingertips, but you have to dig into obp
commands and information to find what its idea of device paths are,
and optionally how to set aliases.  iirc they look something like sVr3
dev paths, but aren't the same.
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