[rescue] Sun 2U server power/noise comparison?

Skeezics Boondoggle skeezicsb at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 15:58:26 CST 2016

Can anyone here definitively say if the T5220 is appreciably quieter than
the T2000?

How about the Sun X4450 vs. the X4200 M2?

I don't really need the extra compute power that the newer machines
provide, but if they are even a little bit quieter I'd seriously consider
an upgrade.  (They're insanely affordable these days, even for my broke
ass...)  For example, unlike the T2000 the X4200 runs its shrieking power
supply fans even in standby mode, which is just silly.  Have to physically
pull the line cords to silence that beast...

Anyone have any real-world comparison of power consumption for those
machines as well?  Any reasonable reduction in noise would offset a modest
increase in power usage... although I'm really not doing much (yet) to tax
either machine.  Sometimes the newer boxes actually use less power, though
these are all just a few years apart so I don't expect they'll vary much.
It's actually a little tricky to find SWaP numbers (no, Google, not "swap
space", oy...)

Anyway, I can read spec sheets but I'm wondering if you guys have any
ears-on or power-bill-paying experience with these particular machines. :-)

-- Chris

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