[rescue] More kit to give away...

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Fri Mar 11 05:29:24 CST 2016

Hi All

Here is a list of kit which I am looking to move on, usual story, no charge
for the kit, just ask to cover postage/courier costs or you collect. Quotes
for shipping can be given.

3310 JBOD - switch broken off but should work ok
Quantity of 711 chassis (6 slot)
4 x D1000/A1000 - have mix of D1000/A1000 controllers
Quantity EX000 and EX500 CPU/Motherboards (no CPUs)
Quantity EX000 and EX500 SBus I/O boards
Quantity EX000 and EX500 SBus/UPA I/O boards
Quantity Power/Cooling PSUs
Quantity Netra T1/100/105 memory
4 x 3310 RAID controller
3511 Disk brackets with adapter
V60X disk brackets
2 x Netra X1
Quantity S1 chassis
Quantity D130 chassis
Quantity 18Gb Fibre drives
Quantity 18Gb SCSI drives

I also have a quantity of many PCI cards eg Ethernet, SCSI etc, let me know
what you are looking for, some I am keeping, many can go.

I also have a quantity of Adaptec 3944 HVD PCI SCSI cards

Peter Stokes
Ashlyn Computer Services
Mbl: 07977 532320

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