[rescue] About 135 books for sale/for free: email, Apple, Linux, Unix, web, etc.

Rich Kulawiec rsk at gsp.org
Sun Mar 6 09:52:23 CST 2016

List here:


Some of these are free-for-shipping, either because they're old or
because I got them for free.  (I tried donating some of them but
not all were accepted: too specialized.)  Some of these are worth
something 'cause they're recent and relatively expensive.  Some are in
like-new condition; some aren't.  Some of these I'd like to sell as a set
(e.g., all the Photoshop ones); some I don't care.  I've tried to match
these up with correct ISBN numbers but I've probably made typos: if you
really really care about the exact edition, ask me and I'll double-check.

Pick out what you want, if anything, make a sensible offer, I'll estimate
the shipping cost, and let's see if we can make a deal.  If I owe you a
favor (which is true of a number of people on this list) then remind me.
Please preserve the "Subject:" line exactly as it is here on replies:
I've got a procmail filter set up to match it because otherwise I won't
be able to keep track of responses.

I intend to pack and ship everything by the end of March.


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