[rescue] Dome Imaging MD2SUN2

CLIFFORD HAIGHT klemish at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 3 19:06:51 CST 2016

Thanks Mark for letting me know what the DL was on these.
Think back now I do remember back in the day I systems sometimes having an a
little puck device that you would use to calibrate the screen out-levels.
I suspect my current monitor hooked up to my sparcstation was originally meant
meant for a medical purpose.   It's a plasma display, that that fixed boarder
and a plastic screen in front where you can kind of make out a residual hatch
like pattern.     It's definitely much bigger that I was looking was for but I
picked up from the PC recycler because it uses a 13w3 connector.
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> On 16-03-03 02:41 PM, CLIFFORD HAIGHT wrote:
> > Interesting, do you happen to know if they need a special driver or do
> > work with the existing mda fb?  If the second port is port is infact S-VHS
> > I would imagine it would need a special driver to use.   I like the idea
> > having a monochrome composite monitor for text/shell space then having a
> > standard a graphical output on another screen.b    Running console only
> > more appeal to with SunOS 4 as OpenWindows isn't very stable.
> >
> I think it was a special driver (and if I had to, I could probably find
> a driver of unknown pedigree or heritage...), but I'm afraid I don't
> know much about those boards. If I understand well, there was some
> specific needs of cards only fitting with specific monitors. I realize
> thats kinda vague, but I never actually used that setup. The displays
> were very high lumen with very low flicker. Radiologists mostly sit in
> low light reading studies. Now that I think more about it, I think we
> had DOME monitors for those cards and not Barco.  I suspect with the
> correct frequency/resolution/sync you could make these cards work, but I
> think they were 10 bit greyscale.
> By the time I started $WORK in Q3/2001 the desktop client/radiologist
> client was Windows on the desktop.  Most of these cards were hold overs
> in old Sparcs or in storage as spares. I've encountered dozens and
> dozens of them.
> I'm also unaware of the DIN like port and how that was used.  I think
> that I was told once that was for some 3-D stuff - ie shutters on
> goggles, but that may be some mis-information.  The other thing it could
> have been for is display calibration as before you can read diagnostic
> images from a screen - the display must be calibrated. (This is more
> likely) Nowadays this happens inband over monitor display cables or
> internally on the monitor.
> /M
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