[rescue] Dome Imaging MD2SUN2

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Thu Mar 3 18:02:53 CST 2016

" From: CLIFFORD HAIGHT <klemish at hotmail.com>
" Interesting, do you happen to know if they need a special driver or do they
" work with the existing mda fb?  If the second port is infact S-VHS out
" I would imagine it would need a special driver to use.   I like the idea of
" having a monochrome composite monitor for text/shell space then having a
" standard a graphical output on another screen.b    Running console only has
" more appeal to with SunOS 4 as OpenWindows isn't very stable.
" From: Mark Brown
" Hi Clifford,
" Yes, the DOME cards were used for medical imaging.  They were commonly
" connected to Barco high-res 2 megapixel mono CRTs.

from what wikipedia says [i know], s-vhs doesn't make sense in a mono
env or a 2 megapixel screen, as it was aimed at composite analog color
situation.  it was used only on 525 line ntsc and 625 line pal.

as such, it wouldn't a priori need a special driver; rgb -> s-vhs
could be done entirely in analog hardware, but the fb would have to
have a roughly tv-level res, eg. 640x480 at 60 or 768x575 at 50.  according
to the fb faq, the ffb, pgx, and zx ['leo'] can do this, but none of
the 8-bit or mono fbs - at least, out of the box.  recent postings
suggest hidden potential for the creative forth programmer...

the custom fb may just look like a sun mda, albeit at a different
res, with a din conn instead of 13w3.
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