[rescue] Looking to buy functioning Hayes Chronograph

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Thu Mar 3 12:34:03 CST 2016

I was out of town for a few days and was just catching up on this...  I
live in the Atlanta area
and met another Hayes engineer... we're close to Norcross for those of you
who don't know, where Hayes was based.
The guy I met ALSO did work on the Chronograph... I got a number of
machines from him and he showed me the 5-6
Chronographs at least that he had..they were all working...he fired one up
for me to show how it worked.  The guy who
was helping me was completely amazed that there were external devices
originally for time keeping for computers :-)..
the guy I believe may have had some of the design schematics as well....
I'd have to dig up his name, but wonder if they
worked together.

I didn't realize a lot of folks were interested in them... I asked him
about selling one, and at the time he said nah, but he'd
let me know if he changed his mind... I definitely will share the info if
he does...


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