[rescue] Looking to buy functioning Hayes Chronograph

Karen Commins karen at karencommins.com
Thu Mar 3 07:47:36 CST 2016

Dave!! Thank you sooo much! I BOUGHT IT!!!!

I felt like a child on Christmas morning to open my digest email and
see all of your wonderful replies. I'm over the moon with excitement
to also find and BUY the prize!

I can't believe that you found that eBay listing of a Hayes
Chronograph! It never came up in my eBay searches, probably because
I've been using the eBay app which doesn't seem to search the
description. Even if I had seen it, I would have wondered if that item
was right since the description also said scanner.

The picture looks right, though, and the place offers a 30-day return. SOLD!!!

Dave, you also said:

<<It's cool to be almost-in-touch with a software developer from
Hayes. It's very likely that I've run a lot of the code he wrote while
he was there. Here's a hats-off to him!>>

Thanks for that! I'll pass on your comments to him once he unwraps his
new toy. You may also have talked to him during his ham operator days.
He has the call sign N4XOK.

Deepest thanks also to Bob for pointing me to this list and for
resisting the urge to buy a second unit! :) My husband actually saw my
FB comment under your picture of the Chronograph. I told him you
basically said "Good luck finding one", but I didn't tell him the rest
of your message. It will be our secret. :)


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>> On 03/02/2016 02:37 PM, Karen Commins wrote:
>> Greetings, all! A list member told me I might be able to buy a working
>> Hayes Chronograph from someone in this group.
>> The Hayes Chronograph was basically an external clock for computers before
>> they came with built-in clocks. It looked like and stacked on the Hayes
>> Smartmodem.
>> My husband was a software engineer at Hayes in the 80s, and he's been
>> looking for one of these things on eBay for a while. Our 31st anniversary
>> is coming up, and the modern gift is a timepiece. I sure would love to find
>> this timepiece and surprise him!
>> Thanks so much for any help with leads!
>  So I went looking.  I haven't looked in awhile.  There's one on eBay
> right now, represented as working.  I think the price is VERY
> reasonable, but I'm tapped out right now due to just having executed a
> major purchase.  Here it is:
>  http://www.ebay.com/itm/311523749753
>  (no association with seller, yadda yadda...but I've dealt with them
> before and they've been fine)
>              -Dave
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> Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
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>Karent pinged me on facebook (she saw my 505Labs page with pics of one of
>these units).  I'm not giving mine up! It took two years to track one
>down.  I half considered buying that one listed on eBay but I don't need


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