[rescue] Sun T5240 power supply failure?

Arno Kletzander Arno_1983 at gmx.de
Wed Mar 2 00:38:47 CST 2016

Hi Peter,

I'm afraid we're talking of different things here. The part I understand as PPS
(actually "Auxilliary PPS" or "PPS 1" as shown on page 6-3ff here
) is the facultative power supply module that goes in the second slot from left
in the rear, and doesn't have anything I'd recognize as a switch assembly. 
The Sun P/N (page F-2) is 300-1301.
It is in fact identical between the 3x00/4x00 series, the 4000 series manual
lists the same part number in the E4000 parts breakdown on page F-3.
The machine
shown here https://doogielabs.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/DSCF0044.jpg
does have a filler fitted in that position instead (as mine currently has),
discernible by having just grey tab handles instead of the blue kick-out levers.

[BTW, your parcel appeared here yesterday and everything looks fine so far.
The panel made it here unharmed (everything was packed very nicely, I must
add) and has the correct designation, the Palm Pilots both work like a charm 
after fitting new batteries. The 1000 has a couple of dead lines in the 
display and in the Professional, which I'm probably going to use regularly due
to its backlit display and the more versatile firmware, had developed some 
nasty corrosion on the docking connector, which came right off - together with
the gold finish, unfortunately - with a fiberglass eraser followed by some IPA.
I'm unable to test the SSA host adapters but I'm sure there will be working 
ones among them. No obvious damages on any of them. There is one optical module
on one of them that differs from the others and bears an IBM label, is there
a story to that - I thought that FC/25 was Sun specific? 
Anyway, thanks a bunch again!]


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> Hi Arno
> The PPS (Peripheral Power Supply) on the E3X00 was always a a weak point, had
> several which just packed up. The E3X00 was always hard to find a replacement
> for, but I found that the E4X00 was exactly the same PSU, you just need to
> transfer the front plate and switch assembly over from the dead one. The E4X00
> were always plentiful, maybe not so nowadays.
> Peter

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