[rescue] Sun T5240 power supply failure?

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Tue Mar 1 01:47:43 CST 2016

Hi Jerry

Interesting issue with the T1000, I found the older version of the T1000 had a
tighter tolerance on the voltage levels and with a later PSU could show faults
even though within tolerance on the later T1000 configuration. The T1000 PSU
was however not that good and had a few failures on them either as bought in
used or failed on the bench.
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On 1 Mar 2016, at 07:22, Jerry Kemp <sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us> wrote:

> I had the power supply pass on the Sun T1000 that I purchased from Mr Bill,
shortly after purchasing it.   It didn't die in as grand of fashion as yours
did, and in reality, it (kind of) didn't die at all.
> What it did was to fill the /var/adm/message file with thousands of entries
of low -5V power (I believe).
> Did a similar post here on the Sun rescue list.
> Quite a few pointers to places that might repair the power supply for me,
but none panned out.
> I ended up purchasing a (new to me) used power supply on eBay, and my T1000
has been running fine ever since.
> Food for thought,
> Jerry
> On 02/29/16 01:13 AM, chris t wrote:
>> Just had a bit of a scary experience -- One of the power supplies on my
>> T5240 just shot out a bunch of sparks, made a horrible burning smell, and
>> otherwise displayed symptoms of failure.  I was running it on (US
>> household 115V, which I think is acceptable for the 1.2GHz 8-disk model.
>> server wasn't even really on at the time -- I was going through the ILO
>> preparing to issue a power-on command.
>> Anyone else see this sort of thing happen?  I'm pretty spooked, to be
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