[rescue] Sun T5240 power supply failure?

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Tue Mar 1 01:22:47 CST 2016

I had the power supply pass on the Sun T1000 that I purchased from Mr Bill, 
shortly after purchasing it.   It didn't die in as grand of fashion as yours 
did, and in reality, it (kind of) didn't die at all.

What it did was to fill the /var/adm/message file with thousands of entries of 
low -5V power (I believe).

Did a similar post here on the Sun rescue list.

Quite a few pointers to places that might repair the power supply for me, but 
none panned out.

I ended up purchasing a (new to me) used power supply on eBay, and my T1000 has 
been running fine ever since.

Food for thought,


On 02/29/16 01:13 AM, chris t wrote:
> Just had a bit of a scary experience -- One of the power supplies on my new
> T5240 just shot out a bunch of sparks, made a horrible burning smell, and
> otherwise displayed symptoms of failure.  I was running it on (US standard)
> household 115V, which I think is acceptable for the 1.2GHz 8-disk model.  The
> server wasn't even really on at the time -- I was going through the ILO and
> preparing to issue a power-on command.
> Anyone else see this sort of thing happen?  I'm pretty spooked, to be honest.
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