[rescue] Raster flex SBus card anyone?

Romain Dolbeau romain at dolbeau.org
Wed Jun 29 11:48:55 CDT 2016

2016-06-29 8:16 GMT+02:00 Peter Stokes <peter at ashlyn.co.uk>:
> I am trying to match a customer's system.

What is the base system era ? (SS1/2, SS10, ...) That might give a clue as
to the era of the framebuffer as well.

> So far just have a photo which
> appears to show to 'double' board graphics Sbus card with two connections
> the outside world, one is presumably video, the other smaller similar to a
> DB9, anyone know which card this may be?

The only commonly available FB that I can remember with 13W3 and DB9 was
the P4 CG6(?) for the 3/80... wrong era, I suppose.

> Do not have a p/n yet, the customer sent me this photo which is of
limited use
> and the nos on top I suspect is a serial nos, not a P/N, but maybe not as
> never bought a Rasterflex.

Weird. Seems to me the bit on the left, protected by the plastic sheet, is
a second layer of pcb. It has 4 rows of connections that seems to go
downward, a bit similar to how a 501-1824 secondary memory expansion board
connect to the base 501-1823 memory expansion board. And it seems higher
than the right bit in the picture, connector-side.

I'm very curious to find out what is in the mystery picture now :-)


Romain Dolbeau

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