[rescue] Sun SparcStation 20

Éric Bertrand eric.ricomac at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 18:02:47 CDT 2016


I got a Sparcstation 20 with 256MB and ZX frame buffer. It booted fairly
Debian weezy but I'm looking for a up to date OS to put on it. OpenBSD
Sparc 32 in the last release and I started to install it. I got some memory
errors and finally desktop is not loading at all. I had to put diag-switch
true and start self test. J0201 have a defect dimm. Replace, same thing.
Switch the j0201 on j0203 to isolate j0201 socket. J0203 is ok. Replace the
dimm at his place, start the machine and got black screen and compose on.

The service manuel tells me that the j0201 dimm is bad and the diag-switch
test-all too, I think the dimm
socket is bad because the socket seem cracked. This could be dry plastic
due to aging.

Anyway, it is a possibility to align ram to dimm 01 instead of dimm 00?

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