[rescue] Help repairing badly dented / warped sheet metal casing (Seattle)...

Stefan Skoglund (lokal användare) stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Wed Jun 15 06:01:57 CDT 2016

ons 2016-06-15 klockan 02:15 -0600 skrev John Floren: 
> That's really sad to hear... Was there any insurance? My company has long
> had a policy that we cannot insure shipments, which didn't help much when
> our $50k server got run over by FedEx's forklift.
> As for the metal damage, you might start by talking to auto body guys. Even
> as an amateur, I got pretty good results with some hammers and a dent
> puller. If you're willing to repaint, I bet a skilled auto body tech could
> get it in decent shape.
> Best of luck,

Someone good which with an english wheel should be able to straighten
it. Look for a shop which can make its own car parts.

Look for a guy which is good at fixing parking damage (dented doors and

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