[rescue] Help repairing badly dented / warped sheet metal casing (Seattle)...

Ian Finder ian.finder at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 00:12:33 CDT 2016

I recently received something very special to me, a Symbolics XL1200 LISP
machine, with framethrower and the works.

Despite being shipped in the original SMBX designed carton, UPS dealt a
great deal of damage to the system. It looks like it was hit by a truck.

After a lot of build-up, I'm very depressed at how this has turned out.

Is there anyone, preferably local, with the skill and tools to make this
thing look a little better?

How do I get started undoing the dents and extremely bent base?


- Ian

   Ian Finder
   (206) 395-MIPS
   ian.finder at gmail.com

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