[rescue] SunCD Repair

Eddie Cottongim jcotton at intergate.net
Sat Jun 11 22:47:21 CDT 2016

Another note about using a DVD (or any replacement CDROM) with a 
411-style case: The SCSI connector was upside down on my new drive, and 
there's not a lot of cable slack inside the case, so everything doesn't 
quite pack in. Can be used with the cover off and parts laying loose.

Eddie Cottongim wrote:
> A few updates and remarks which might be helpful to others given 
> recent discussion.
> On the CD:
> No obvious problems with capacitors. Its hard to test them in circuit. 
> These are the surface mount, short metal can version which are 
> difficult (for me) to replace.
> Good idea on the insufficient spindle friction. I tried making it a 
> little more sticky, but no luck.
> It actually attempts to spin up three times before it stops.
> On using a DVD with SparcStation 10:
> I ordered a SCSI DVD, an HP A5220-67003. On the SS10, it seems to be 
> able to boot CDs and at least access DVDs (but possibly not boot - I 
> didn't have a known-good one to try) DVDs. Other note:
> NetBSD installed and seemed to work. From the CD, its pretty bare 
> bones, but perhaps a good starting point.
> Debian Etch at first appeared to have trouble mounting the CD, but 
> this turned out to be due to running with 32 megs of RAM. With more 
> RAM (160 meg), it installed with no problems. It takes a lot of disk 
> space, and I had to go with no desktop to get it on a 1 gig drive. 
> Once running, it printed an esp driver message for every hard disk 
> access - no relation to the DVD, but it got very tiring, so I moved 
> on. I think that can be fixed. I may come back to this later.
> Various Solarii would boot, but fail in the installer with disc access 
> related messages either when starting OpenWindows or suninstall. My 
> best guess is a compatibility issue with the drive. On an installed 
> system, I would play with the scsi_options, but it would seem to 
> require building a new install CD. Haven't tried yet.
> Hope this helps someone.
> Eddie
> Steve Sandau wrote:
>>>> Are there any service manuals, repair ideas etc available for the Sony
>>> CDU-8012? I've got one that responds to probe-scsi, but "test cdrom" 
>>> gives
>>> back a "-1" failure (not much help), and is dead otherwise. It spins 
>>> the CD
>>> briefly, then stops. No obvious internal problems after partial 
>>> disassembly.
>>> The "obvious problem" with all these drives is failed electrolytics. 
>>> One of
>>> the ones that's come across my bench also had a dusty optical path. 
>>> Chances
>>> are good your drive is eminently repairable.
>> The other problem I used to run across was the spindle not having 
>> enough friction to spin the cdrom fast enough. ISTR the symptom as 
>> spin, not get up to speed and stop trying. Cleaning the "gripping" 
>> surface on the spindle was sometimes enough to get some use out of it.
>> Steve
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