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Éric Bertrand eric.ricomac at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 16:13:52 CDT 2016

Oki, mine is a mono Ross Hypersparc 200mhz, zx, 256MB ram. Thinking to add
more if needed. Looking to got him a usefull life. If I could run the zx
buffer on openbsd, this will be a nice idea. I know that the zx heat more
than the sx but it have more ummmph.
Le 2016-06-10 4:08 PM, "J. Alexander Jacocks" <jjacocks at gmail.com> a C)crit :

> On Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 2:20 PM, C      ric Bertrand <
> eric.ricomac at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Maybe an sx buffer will be better, it's supported until 9
> >
> Eric,
> The sx works fine, but I'd stick with Solaris 2.6, if you go the Solaris 2
> route.  Otherwise, SunOS 4.1.x will surely run well.  I actually thought
> that my SS20, with a pair of SM81s, was reasonably fast.  I used it as my
> primary desktop, in the late 90s, including web browsing.  In fact, it
> served very well until I replaced it with an Ultra 2, and then a Cycle
> Quad, which was my favorite Sparc workstation, of all times.  I wish that I
> hadn't let mine go.
> If you're willing to consider non-Sun-developed OSes, I'd suggest
> NetBSD/sparc.  There is still a fairly decent community, and the SX/cg14 is
> supported for accelerated 24bit graphics.  That (and the similar
> OpenBSD/sparc) is probably the only way that you'll have a close-to-secure
> 32 bit Sparc, in 2016.
> - Alex
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