[rescue] FS: (PURGE) all sorts of classic computer parts, computers, networking, ink/toner, etc

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Subject: [rescue] FS: (PURGE) all sorts of classic computer parts, computers,
networking, ink/toner, etc

Hi everyone,

I am looking to clean out some of my stuff.  I'm 'buried' in it.

This is just the begnning.... so if you are looking for anything in
particular; PC, Mac, Sun, SGI, misc, feel free to inquire.

If you want to get heard above the noise when replying (spam sucks),
add PURGE into the subject line.... that will help me find responses or
inquiries fast.

So, here is the first batch of stuff, organized by drives, misc, kvm,
wireless, PC, laptop, Sun, SGI, Apple, Digital (DEC), Cisco, and finaly
toner and ink cartridges.

Obviously there are so many items here, it would take time to price all
this stuff.  So I'm open to reasonable offers.  I'm not trying to make
it rich, I'm looking for a reasonable amount so that you get a decent
deal, and I get this stuff move on out.  Eventually if it doesn't move
it will go into storage, recylced, or dumpstered.  I've got to get some
space back.

There are lots of parts here, but also some completed (or mostly
complete) Macs, PC, Sun, SGI, etc.  I have some older PC laptops to
list, and I'll have more Mac, Sun, SGI, and more to list as time goes
on.  But I have to start somewhere.... so here is the list....

Drives (hard drive, optical drive, mo drive, etc)
SCSI hard drives (too many to list) (I have a number of Sun and
generic, i.e. good number of ST11200N, and some ST31200N for an example)
IDE hard drives (too many to list)
SATA hard drives (qty of 250G, a few others)
ESDI hard drives (a few)
MFM hard drives (some, i.e. Maxtor XT1140, Maxtor XT2190, Micropolis
1325, etc) (I'm not dumping these, just listing them for those who know
what they are and want to inquire with real offers, so this is listing
for completeness, not to make space like most things here)

15" XVGA LCD monitor, no stand, but includes a wall mount bracket.
Power supply included.
RJ45F to DB25M kits.  Still sealed, make your own pinout
Canon SX printer parts (inquire with what you are looking for)
New Compaq Ipaq, was only charged and tried once, it has sat in a box
since.  Original packaging not present
Qty 6 MeanWell ESP240-27 power supplies (27V 8A)
AGA Discus 600M MO drive (external)
Cabletron MT-800 MAU, 8 port AUI ethernet 'hub', untested
Digtal DELNI-BA MAU, 8 port AUI ethernet 'hub', untested (may have 4
bad ports (4 labelled with an 'X' under them)
Whistle Interjet (internet access/server appliance (google it))
HP Printer PAL (turn your PCL printer into a FAX receiver), new in box,
never opened
syquest SPARQ1A1 internal IDE 1.0G removable media drive (like the
IOMega Jaz), untested (don't have media to test with)
Ayquest SQ555, SCSI interface, 5.25" removable media drive, 44M
capacity, no media, working pull

KVM Stuff
Qty 3 Avocent Outlook 2160ES KVM (each has 16 ports, supports 2
consoles) (these can be daisy chained)
Qty 17 Avocent KVM cables (106-2326-00) for the 2160ES (and other
Avocent KVMs).  Each cable supports 2 systems.

Wireless Stuff
5 Summit SDC-CF10G 802.11G compact flash wireless cards with laptop
style antenna connector, and one antenna lead/connector pig tail
5 Summit SDC-PC10G PCMCIA to Compact Flash adapters for the SDC-CF10G
(and others?) wireless compact flash cards

PC Stuff
Qty 1 Mouse Systems PC Jr Optical Mouse
Gateway G6-200 PC (will got for a nice AT tower if all you need is a
Qty 12+ Pentium III heatsink/fans.  Server grade with IBM 22P4370 part
# on them.
Qty 3 VXI VRMs (073-20742-30) (IBM FRU 1K7371)
150W PC AT power supply ('mini AT' ?  not the full size from the IBM AT
style case)
PowerTronic TK-4230DC full size AT power supply
Qty 1 Generic 400DPI PC Bus Mouse, excellent condition (Logitec 'half
moon' style, but generic brand)
Qty 1 Ditto I080Fi internal tape drive
Multiple PC AT Keyboards
Multiple Pentium motherboards, some with cpu, some without, no manuals
Qty 4 3COM 3C597 Fast EtherLink EISA

Laptop stuff
Qty 6 new Latitude D600/610/520 (and others?) battery, not the recalled
ones, the good ones, need charging as they've been on the shelf for a
long time
Dell Latitude D520 palm rest, new in box, with trackpad component
missing, a used working trackpad is included but not installed
Dell Latitude D520 palm rest, new in box (with new trackpad as
delivered from Dell)
Dell Inspiron C840 UXGA 15" TFT Screen, new in box from Dell

Sun Stuff
Mini-DIN console cable (Mac modem cable), new in package
Qty 2 SLC CPU boards (untested, I don't have an SLC/ELC to test in)
Qty 3 ELC CPU boards (untested, I don't have an SLC/ELC to test in)
Qty 1 Ultra 5/10 mainboard (working pull) (will sell with or w/o CPU)
Qty 1 Ultra 10 riser PCB (370-3982)
Qty 1 Ultra 10 floppy drive (370-3159)
Qty 3 Sun 411 drive enclosures (old 'dotted' style)
Qty 2 Sun 411 drive enclosures (new style, just sun diamond logo, no
'Sun' text)
Qty 1 Sun 411 drive enclosure (new style, diamond shaped logo, and
'Sun' text/script)
Qty 6 Sun 611 drive enclosures
Qty 2 Sun 411 "dotted" style top case covers
Qty 2 Sun 411 top case covers (new style with logo and 'Sun'
Qty 1 Sun 1/1+/2 (and 3/80) power supply (300-1038)
Qty 6 Sun 411 drive enclosure SCSI cabling/fan/'backplane' assembly
Multiple Sun 411 fans
Qty 12 Sun 370-1420 floppy drives (out of SS10, should work in others
as well (one has no door/bezel)
Qty 1 SS20 Hard Drive bracket
Qty 1 set of the newer revised SS20 side vents
Qty 1 Ultra 450 4 drive SCSI backplane
Qty 1 Ultra 450 8 drive SCSI backplane
Qty 12 Sun 411 drive enclosure 300-1090 power supplies
Qty 3 Sun 411 drive enclosure 300-1105 power supplies
Qty 1 Sun 411 drive enclosure 300-1037 power supply
Qty 9 Sparcstation 10 power supplies
Qty 1 SS5/SS20 power supply
Qty 1 SS10 top cover
Sun Unltra 10 workstation.  Can't recall if this has a hard drive in it
still or not.  This was a working system when retired.

SGI Stuff
3COM 3C597 Fast EhterLink EISA cards (see misc section above)
Qty 1 Indogo 2 Power supply PC4074 p/N 6064470
SGI Indy R5000, no RAM, no HD, no HD bracket, has XZ graphics card
stack (030-8235 030-8234), has the better Sony power supply
SGI Indy power supply, Nidec brand, 943-0813
SGI Indy power supply, Sony brand, 060-0008
Indy top cover
Indigo purple top cover
Indigo teal top cover
Indog2 backplane (030-8104)
Qty 4 3COM 3C597 Fast EtherLink EISA (can be used on SGI Indigo 2
(google it))

Apple Stuff
Apple IIGS, nice condition, powers on fine, no setup to do a boot test
iMac KB and mouse, translucent ruby red
iMac 450MHz iMac mainboard
Dual Floppy Macintosh SE
Workgroup Server 95 (may not have the WGS card, I'd have to check, w/o
it's a Quadra 950)
Macintosh IIsi
Macintosh IIcx
Qty 2 Macintosh LCIII
Qty 3 new in box M7600LL/E Airport Card
Qty 2 new in box M8881LL/A Airport Extreme card
Apple IIc power supply
Mini-DIN Mac Modem cable, new
Apple Mac II Power Supply
Apple Design keyboard M2980
Ingram Micro zip/etc tape drive bracket/bezel for Mac 7200/7500/others?

Digital (DEC) Stuff
DELNI-BA (see misc section)
Qty 2 Vaxstation 3100 M76
Qty 2 Vaxtation 3100 M38
Qty 1 Vaxstation 3100
Qty 1 VAxstation 3100 (larger enclosure (taller)
Qty 1 AlphaPC64 Motherboard (21A02-A3), in original box, never used, I
bought as new years ago and never used it
Qty 2 Digital LN03 maintenance kits
Qty 3 Digital LN03 toner kits
LN03 font cargridges (LN03X-CY, LN03X-CB, LN03X-CR (qty 2), LN03-SX,
Digital LN03 Programmer Reference Manual

Cisco Stuff
Cisco 1720 w T1 CSU/DSU WIC and power supply
Cisco 3600 1E2T card w T1 CSU/DSU WIC
Cisco 4FE card (74-3188-01)
Cisco PIX515 power supply
Cisco PIX515 fan assemblies
Cisco PIX515 plastics

Toner Cartridges
Qty 2 HP C4191A black (for 4500/4550)
Qty 2 HP C4194A Yellow (for 4500/4550)
Qty 2 HP C4192A Cyan (for 4500/4550)
Qty 1 HP 98A (for 4/4+/4M/4M+/5/5M/5N)
Qty 1 HP 98A new in open bag (for identification) (for
qty 3 HP 96A (for 2100/2200)
Qty 1 HP C4092A (for 1100/3200)
Qty 1 Brother TN530
Qty 1 Generic Canon SX refilled cartridge
Qty 1 HP 92285A (for Laserjet/LaserJet Plus/LaserJet 500/Apple
LaserWriter I)
Qty 1 EP in open bag new (Laserjet/Laserjet Plus/LaserJet 500/Apple
LaserWriter I)
Qty 1 HP 15X (1200/1220/3300/3380)
Qty 1 HP 12A
Qty 1 Xerox 6R902 (same as HP 95A) (Canon SX) (used, remaining toner
amount unknown)
LN03 toner and maintenance kits (see Digital section)

Ink Cargridges
Qty 3 HP #70 Photo Black (DesignJet Z2100, Z3100)
Qty 2 HP #70 Light Gray
Qty 3 HP #70 Light Cyan
Qty 3 HP #70 Cyan
Qty 2 HP #70 Yellow
Qty 1 HP #70 Light Magenta
Qty 2 HP #70 Magenta
Qty 3 HP #70 Matte Black
Qty 1 HP #97 (C9363W)
Qty 4 Canon 24 Black (S200, S300, i320, i450, i470D, Multipass F10/F20)
Qty 4 Canon 24 Color
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