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On Mon, 6 Jun 2016, Cory Smelosky wrote:
> Why did I JUST TODAY get this email???

Dave's using a 1979 IBM System/34 as an MTA, they're slow to flush.

  - JP

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>> [I'm sending this around to several mailing lists]
>>  Most of you have heard of the Large Scale Systems Museum, a public
>> museum in the Pittsburgh area that is focused on minicomputers,
>> mainframes, and supercomputers.  LSSM opened its doors to the public
>> for the first time in October of 2015, coinciding with a city-wide
>> festival.  We have been doing tours by appointment since then,
>> averaging 3-4 tours per month.
>>  On April 30th, there will be another such festival here in town,
>> called "New Kensington Better Block".  It's a large block party that
>> will encompass much of the downtown area.  There will be more than
>> sixty street vendors offering food, handmade crafts from local
>> artists, and just about everything else you can think of.  There will
>> be two stages' worth of live music, games, a beer garden featuring
>> great brews from the historic Penn Brewery, lots of kids' activities
>> like face-painting and caricature artists, drawings and raffles, the
>> grand openings of three new businesses, and lots of other great stuff.
>>  Another star of the show, Pittsburgh-based C/PMuseum, as a guest of
>> LSSM, will also be returning to Better Block with a special exhibit
>> this time covering the history of the world's largest technology
>> company, Apple Computer.  From the humble beginnings of two friends
>> named Steve, through today, Apple's 40th anniversary.  See running
>> examples of the actual machines that launched Apple in the 1970s and
>> 1980s.  In addition, the gaming wing of C/PMuseum will feature a
>> display with running examples of game consoles from the earliest
>> generations through the most modern 3D immersive virtual reality.
>> Where else can you start out playing on a Magnavox Odyssey, and end up
>> inside the VR world of an HTC Vive?  The C/PMuseum pop-up at New
>> Kensington Better Block, that's where!
>>  The LSSM will be participating in that event just as we did last
>> October, by being open to the public all day.  (I'm aware that this is
>> very short notice; for that I apologize) Many of the Very Large
>> Computers here will be running and demonstrated on a rotation
>> throughout the day.
>>  Come and hack on DEC PDP-8, PDP-11, and VAX systems, IBM System/36s,
>> and everything in between.  See Cray supercomputers, DECsystem-20s,
>> IBM System/370 and System/390 mainframes, and real rarities such as a
>> Symbolics Lisp Machine, and minicomputers from the 1960s such as an HP
>> 2116B (one of their first!) and a Varian 620-L.  See a Heath H-1, a
>> tube-based analog computer from 1956.  See nearly all of the IBM
>> "midrange" line.  See how SSP, the operating system from the IBM
>> System/36, can run in a virtual environment on an AS/400.  See what an
>> 800-pound hard drive looks like.
>>  All are invited!  The LSSM is located at 924 4th Avenue, New
>> Kensington, PA 15068, right in the middle of the block party area.
>> New Kensington is about ten minutes' drive from the Allegheny Valley
>> exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Exit 48.  It's a very easy area to
>> reach, and there are a number of decent and inexpensive hotels nearby.
>>  I hope you can make it.  Once again I apologize for the short
>> notice.  And of course if you cannot make it, feel free to contact the
>> LSSM via email to info at lssmuseum.org or on Facebook (search for "Large
>> Scale Systems Museum") to set up a visit at your leisure.  You can
>> also see some photos of our first big public opening on that page.
>>  Please feel free to forward this message to anyone whom you think
>> might be interested.
>> 		Thanks,
>> 		-Dave McGuire
>>                 President/Curator, LSSM
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>> Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
>> New Kensington, PA
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