[rescue] SunCD Repair

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Thu Jun 2 05:54:47 CDT 2016

>> Are there any service manuals, repair ideas etc available for the Sony
> CDU-8012? I've got one that responds to probe-scsi, but "test cdrom" gives
> back a "-1" failure (not much help), and is dead otherwise. It spins the CD
> briefly, then stops. No obvious internal problems after partial disassembly.
> The "obvious problem" with all these drives is failed electrolytics. One of
> the ones that's come across my bench also had a dusty optical path. Chances
> are good your drive is eminently repairable.

The other problem I used to run across was the spindle not having enough 
friction to spin the cdrom fast enough. ISTR the symptom as spin, not 
get up to speed and stop trying. Cleaning the "gripping" surface on the 
spindle was sometimes enough to get some use out of it.


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