[rescue] SGI Indigo2 available near Plymouth Meeting, PA, USA

Mark G Thomas Mark at Misty.com
Fri Jul 29 16:43:02 CDT 2016


I've got an SGI Indigo2 available. It's got a good SCSI HD in it,
and includes the appropriate 13W3 to VGA adapter (which I recently 
purchased), so it works with at least some multisync monitors. It's 
missing the small door on the front, but otherwise the skins and vertical 
support feet are complete and intact. The 4MM DAT internal drive 
included (on a sled) hangs the SCSI bus if connected. This machine 
works with any PS2 style keyboard and mouse. I'll include a granite 
SGI mouse.

I got to the point of trying to install various 6.x IRIX installations
from external CDROM drive (not included), but I believe it needs some 
of additional display drivers, and frankly I've got too many different 
kinds of systems and not enough room for them all in my residence,
so this one should go to a better home.

It's available for local pickup only, near Plymouth Meeting, PA, USA. Let
me know off-list when you can get it, and if you happen to have any AppleII 
or MicroPDP accessories or parts to sweeten the deal, and I'll pick one 
of the first few who get back to me with anything appealing to offer,
at my discretion and convenience.


Mark G. Thomas (Mark at Misty.com), KC3DRE

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