[rescue] IBM PC RT

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Fri Jul 29 03:59:23 CDT 2016

On 29 jul. 2016, at 05:56, Bill Braskey <jazzop89 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I have what appears to be a complete IBM PC RT (Model 6150)
> <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBM_6150_RT>, minus an OS and monitor.  It
> even has the external SCSI tape drive & 5.25" floppy drive.  I rescued it
> several years ago in a random check of Craigslist while on a 1500-mile
> driving trip, near the bizarre town of Centralia, PA
> <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centralia,_Pennsylvania>.  It has been in
> storage since I got it.

Nice find.

> Apparently this thing was designed for AIX 2, but I wonder if a later
> version of AIX will run on it.

I dont know, but Ive never come across AIX 3.x for RT. Wikipedia only
mentions AIX 2.x (and 1.x). I have had an RT myself (model 6151), that came
with original AIX 2.2.1 floppies. Ive made images of them some 10 years ago.
Mail me if youre interested. Ive also got a miniroot for AOS 4.3 but that is
probably not of much use without the rest.

>  The guy who gave it to me said it ran Pick
> OS when he used it, but he lost the media.  I did get all the glorious old
> IBM 3-ring manuals in the slipcases, though!

Interesting. Id never heard of Pick.


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