[rescue] Rescued: SGI Altix 450

Bill Braskey jazzop89 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 28 22:41:10 CDT 2016

I won't have a chance to probe further into the PSU configuration or much
of anything else with this beast until next week.  I had a brief window
with access to a trailer to haul this thing to my personal workshop (not
colocated with my house), but some work project checkpoints/deadlines loom
over the weekend and on Monday.

I'm reluctant to try using a cheap power converter.  I'd rather try to
source a single-phase PSU.  I can always start off with only a single blade
chassis just to test things; then once I have something functional, bring
the other chassis online.

No, I didn't rescue this from a dumpster.  I paid for it, but the price was
low enough to justify buying it simply for the rack enclosure, which I
needed anyway.  Since it was local, not having to pay for shipping made the
decision very easy.  I've been searching for a full rack enclosure locally
for over a year.  There just isn't the local industry base here to support
an ample supply of used rack enclosures.

Thanks to all for the very helpful replies so far. I created a Nekochan
account just now.

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