[rescue] Rescued: SGI Altix 450

Bill Braskey jazzop89 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 28 14:22:42 CDT 2016

[My first post!]

I just rescued an SGI Altix 450, with 24 blades of 2 Itanium2 CPUs each.
Problem is, the "new" SGI are dicks about not releasing any documents or
patches unless you are under a paid $ervice contract.

I was able to find a PDF of the basic user manual on manualslibDOTcom.
Does anyone here have access to other manuals, parts lists, firmware
patches, etc.?  I'm particularly interested in documents pertaining to
power supply options, as this machine is set up for 3-phase power and
really need to reconfigure it for 220/250V.

How about a working Linux install image that will save me the time of
compiling my own?

I'll post soon about other weird stuff I have...


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