[rescue] Raster flex SBus card anyone?

Chase Rayfield cusbrar2 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 5 02:22:35 CDT 2016

Here's the datasheet for those ram chips TC528128BJ Which are 128kx8bits So it has a total of 1MB on the top of that board. There could be another 1MB on the back though I guess (in between layers). I've no idea how much ram the cg8 has normally... but there are 12 ram chips visible on top of the CG8 that the fellow at Hyperstation.de has.


Here is someone else back in 2000 that seems to have had the same card which his prom claimed to be a cgeight 
and also another claims it is a CG8 and can display on a MAC monitor at least as far as the OK promt in 6480x480 in the prom.


some reference to the cgeight in it's early days (note it also mentions that it is a rasterops based card that supports 24bits but should also be able to run in 8bit emulation mode but that it crashes IMTOOL and needed work to getting it functional at the time).


I guess whatever exactly this card is.. it's next of kin is probably the cg8. 

Also, mentioned here is that the cgeight/RasterOps SPARC Card TC had a Picture in Picture option and framegrabber... which may be what the second card is. As has already been mentioned.

This research paper where someone mentions actually using a RasterOps SPARC Card TC which may give some idea of it's capabilities. 


So I guess the top card may be a frame grabber and the bottom one is the framebuffer?


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