[rescue] Questionable SUNULTRA1 machines

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Mon Jan 25 16:16:04 CST 2016

    Hi Ken,

On 01/23/2016 01:50 PM, Ken Jones wrote:
> Thank you Peter and Carl.
> If I attach the key board and press the POWER ON button,  the only sign of
> life is a less-than-a-second audio b
 coinciding with a FLASH of all
> the lights on the key board plus the one light on the front of the machine in
> front of the ULTRA 1 sign.  Then nothing!!
> Clearly the power supply is being turned off by something,  but I know not
> what.  The other problem is that I am eighty years old.  I have forgotten
> technical details that I once knew.

    If the fans are still running, it's not power.  If the thing is
entirely powered off after the "beep" try another outlet.  If you're
plugged into a UPS, plug it directly into the wall; I had a wonky UPS
cause a very similar condition on my Netra NFS a number of years ago,
and that's an Ultra-1 under the covers.

    If you have an original Sun keyboard, sometimes the POST will
light up some LEDs on the keyboard and leave some dark; that will
yield clues that can be looked up or asked for here.

    If the machines were OK when you powered them down last, and they
haven't seen power for quite a while, try reseating the memory modules,
especially if the machines have been stored in a location that goes
from warm to cold.

    Just some ideas to try.


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