[rescue] RPi vs SS20 benchmarks (interesting)

uix at centrum.cz uix at centrum.cz
Mon Jan 4 15:51:43 CST 2016

On 30.12.2015 21:33, Dave McGuire wrote:
> On 12/30/2015 12:44 PM, Jerry Kemp wrote:
>>>> But pretty much of that all went away with Solaris 11, allowing for
>>>> booting thru ZFS under various RAID types.
>>>     Ahh ok, I speak only of Solaris 10.  I know little of Solaris 11; is
>>> it "out there" and runnable on SPARC systems?
>> Solaris 11 GA was released November 2011, i.e. (11/11) and has no
>> problem booting from the various RAIDZ types.  And, a ZFS rpool is all
>> it will install/boot from.
>    Excellent!  I've made a note of it.
Actually even the newest Solaris 11 Update 3 can boot only from a single 
disk or a mirror. Neither RAIDZ nor a RAID0 can be used for booting (or 
swap & dump volumes).


>> I'm not sure if this is a big deal or not.  Maybe a bigger deal for the
>> SOHO end user.  It has been some time at $WORK, local drives were
>> mirrored for OS+swap only, and all data and applications were on SAN.
>> Or, everything is on SAN, to include OS.
>    I use two-spindle mirrored rpools for boot/swap and /usr/local on
> every Solaris system I manage.  Everything else goes in a separate
> raidz1 or raidz2 pool, depending on requirements.
>> Additional notes that may or may not be of interest to you concerning
>> Sol 11 GA and forward.
>> 64 bit kernel only - both x86 & Sparc.  32 bit code still runs just as
>> well as it ever did, but the 32 bit kernel is gone.
>> Solaris 11 GA runs only on T-series or M-series boxes.  All those nice,
>> but aging, Ultra III and Ultra IV boxes had support dropped out from
>> under them.
>    That figures.
>    I'm only running T-series machines now, but I may investigate 11.
> I've been on 10 for many years; things are rock solid so I am reticent
> to move.  Perhaps I'll set up a test machine.
>> Solaris 11 Express - for my personal use - All the new Solaris 11
>> goodies and updates, but runs on my personal Ultra III and Ultra IV boxes.
>    Cool.  Where can I get ahold of that?
>                   -Dave

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