[rescue] 1920x1080 on LCD with a TGX+ :-) (was: Re: FB resolution in PROM)

Maciej W. Rozycki macro at linux-mips.org
Mon Feb 29 19:38:52 CST 2016

On Sat, 27 Feb 2016, Mouse wrote:

> > So I had to go into the advanced settings menu, only available by
> > keeping one of the monitor's control buttons depressed while powering
> > the device on and not documented with the enclosed hardcopy manual.
> Oh, lovely.  Under-documentation.
> Any idea where to get such missing documentation, in general?

 I found mine by chance, by searching the Internet.  That's all I can add 
here I'm afraid, I realise it's in the obvious category.

> I have two monitors in routine use at home, an Acer AL1706 A and an
> Asus VH236H.  The former, I find holding down the AUTO button while
> doing a (soft) power-on makes the power LED come on amber rather than
> green, and the OSD (a) appears in an unusual location and (b) has extra
> menu options (none as nice as what you describe, though).  The Asus
> doesn't power on if I have any single one of the other buttons pressed
> when I press the (soft) power button; I haven't tried any of the 26
> possible multi-button combinations, nor have I tried hard power-cycles.

 Old iiyama CRTs used a specific sequence of OSD language selections to 
follow to bring the service menu.  Not easy to guess I'm afraid.


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