[rescue] sys-suspend considered harmful

Skeezics Boondoggle skeezicsb at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 15:54:32 CST 2016

Quick question:  does anyone use the suspend/resume "feature" on... well,
ANY version of Solaris from 7_11/99 through 10_05/08?  On a SunBlade 2000,
or Ultra 60, in particular, or ANY SPARC platform type at all?

cprboot: can't open /.CPR

The file exists.  "sys-suspend" appears to succeed without logging any
errors, but the subsequent attempt to restore always fails.

A search turned up one comp.unix.solaris thread from 2005 that describes
the exact symptoms and lists a handful of old SunSolve bug IDs that are, of
course, irrelevant as I haven't taken out a second mortgage to afford patch
access.  The one supposed workaround is turning off UFS logging (this is a
DiskSui^WSolaris Volume Manager mirrored root disk).  No joy.

I've considered re-Jumpstarting with a raw partition set aside for the
statefile, and not mirroring it -- in case it can't cope with restoring
from a metadevice, ignoring the fact that DS/SVM mirrors are just plain UFS
on-disk anyway...  Indications are that this has been broken forever and
there simply aren't any plans to fix it, and I haven't got access to
firmware updates/patches even if they bothered. I guess I'll just have to
decide the pain threshold for 24x7 electricity cost vs. thermal stresses
from regular power cycles.  Feh.

But if you are the one person in the universe who uses this feature
successfully, drop me an email?


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