[rescue] SCSI2SD formatting

CLIFFORD HAIGHT klemish at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 24 18:49:13 CST 2016

I picked up a second SS10 for the price of shipping, I am not sure if I want
to use it as a backup of keep it around for parts  or what have you.
Basically I head no idea what I was getting, although that I knew is that it
was a working pull.
Chassis was really beat up but had 4 16mb chips a SunGX card, Ross 100Mhz
processor in and two HDs.
The hard drive had be be reformatted and are really loud, one makes a really
loud clunky sound when starting up.
Drive0 is a Seagate drive which I think was recognize as a Sun635
Drive1 is a Seagate ST11200N, I think this one is the one that making the
clunk noise.    I had to low-level reformat this drive.
So I am thinking about putting the Conner driver in this second SS10 and is
pretty quiet.

My plan with the SCSI2SD is to set one partition as SunOS 4 drive, one
partition with Solaris 8 and one for FreeBSD/Linux TBD later.
I was going to allocate the section 4 as a virtual CDROM drive should I want
to try and upgrade from 8 to 9.

Right now I have SunOS 4 installed on part A where I reproduced a Seagate
Elite 9; it's set as target 1 (Disk 1).
One thing about using a large drive one can't use the quick install option.
Doing the the custom install doesn't take that much longer but what is missed
is having everything setup so auto-magically.   For a sun newbie like myself
having to manually create users, home directories and linking everything
properly is time consuming.   I am not sure sometime for example I am not sure
I get the error can not access /etc/openwin when I enter openwin and sometimes
it works perfectly.   This implies that my path variable may still need a
little work but didn't want to mess with it any more.  I have set the next set
to a 32gb Disk on target 2 as the potential 3rd party OS.  Target 3 (Disk 0)
is set as 80gb which is currently is where I planning to install Solaris 8.

I think the disk suite would be something for sure to look into especially if
I decide I want to stick to SunOS 4.   I haven't tried Solaris 8 yet, the
media kit has some pretty nice pack-ins that I am looking forward to trying.

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> " After that I got a Conner CFP1080SN which was picked right away as a
> " This drive is working just fine but on it own is still a little small for
> " a full system with SunOS 4.
> when i got my ss2+ [w/weitek powerup] back in the mid-'90s, i equipped
> it with a brace of seagate hawk st15230n 4G drives, and i ran it with
> them for 10 years, until upgrading to an ultra-1.
> one reason i chose them - as close as i could figure, their power
> budget [and thus heat dissipation] very closely matched the st1480n's,
> which was a sun mainstay back in the early '90s, so i figured they
> wouldn't overheat.  they didn't, until the ps fan failed...
> they seemed enormous, with room for everything and a 2G home
> partition.  the entire hd on my unix-pc was only 40M.
> i just looked - amazon has them for ~$30 and up.
> i don't recall if i did it before or after upgrading to solaris 2, but
> seagate's recommended geometry bothered me as it left a few
> unformatted sectors on the table, so i worked up an alternate track
> and cylinder geometry that exactly matched the drive total sectors.  i
> don't think i gained more than 1% but it made me feel better.
> if you can get your hands on disksuite 1 for sunos 4.1.x you can use
> partitions larger than 2G.  i can personally state it works on 4.1.4
> but i had to hack the installer as it hadn't been updated since 4.1.3.
> boot limitations of course remain with the obp.
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