[rescue] SCSI2SD formatting

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Wed Feb 24 17:07:01 CST 2016

" From: CLIFFORD HAIGHT <klemish at hotmail.com>
" []
" After that I got a Conner CFP1080SN which was picked right away as a SUN1.02.
" This drive is working just fine but on it own is still a little small for even
" a full system with SunOS 4.

when i got my ss2+ [w/weitek powerup] back in the mid-'90s, i equipped
it with a brace of seagate hawk st15230n 4G drives, and i ran it with
them for 10 years, until upgrading to an ultra-1.

one reason i chose them - as close as i could figure, their power
budget [and thus heat dissipation] very closely matched the st1480n's,
which was a sun mainstay back in the early '90s, so i figured they
wouldn't overheat.  they didn't, until the ps fan failed...

they seemed enormous, with room for everything and a 2G home
partition.  the entire hd on my unix-pc was only 40M.

i just looked - amazon has them for ~$30 and up.

i don't recall if i did it before or after upgrading to solaris 2, but
seagate's recommended geometry bothered me as it left a few
unformatted sectors on the table, so i worked up an alternate track
and cylinder geometry that exactly matched the drive total sectors.  i
don't think i gained more than 1% but it made me feel better.

if you can get your hands on disksuite 1 for sunos 4.1.x you can use
partitions larger than 2G.  i can personally state it works on 4.1.4
but i had to hack the installer as it hadn't been updated since 4.1.3.
boot limitations of course remain with the obp.
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