[rescue] newest rescue (failure/success/failure)

Stefan Skoglund (lokal användare) stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Sat Feb 13 15:29:23 CST 2016

lC6r 2016-02-13 klockan 21:18 +0100 skrev Walter Belgers: 
> Hi,
> Hope you are not getting bored with all of my adventures :)
> I found a few problems with my setup:
> - the network server I use is multiple homed and bootparamd gave the IP
> address of the wrong interface
> - nfsd somehow does not register with rpcbind, unless I do a second nfsd (with
> -r flag) (this is on FreeBSD)
> - NetBSD 5.2.3 also gives me a kernel panic
> Since I do have the 3.0 boot prom, why not go for SunOS 4.1.1_U1 after all? I
> have the original CD for sun3/sun3x.
> I found an old CD-player (512k blocks) and gave it SCSI id 6. Tried a b
> sd(0,30,3) but alas it does not boot. Maybe it is just the lens that is dirty,
> it does seem to find the device. Well, that is something for another time.

For me : that sounds like a good decision (going with 4.1.4U1.)

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