[rescue] memory identification

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Wed Feb 10 14:31:35 CST 2016

" From: CLIFFORD HAIGHT <klemish at hotmail.com>
" My SPARCstation came with one 64mb module installed...
" Says SAMSUNG KMM5114440001G-8 then next to that say KOREA 9317.
" I couldn't find any information on this chip..
" Is this a 80 or 60 ns chip

as HM said, probably 80.

you can use 60s in a ss10; you can't use the 80s in anything else.

" I added a Kingston KTS-64/S10, I though I found specs on this chip before I
" bought it but am not have much luck now.

/s10 suggests this is 80ns too.

" Are any any of these better or worse than the Sun 501-2480 chips (Kingston
" KTS7001)?   I've been able to find KTS7001s for sigbificantly less than what I
" could buy KTS-64/S10 chips.

i've got 2480s floating around here i'll send you for postage - if i
can find them...  my systems are all ultras stuffed with 3136s, so i
have no use for them.
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