[rescue] Inserting 9U boards, was Re: newest rescue (failure/success/failure)

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Tue Feb 9 13:01:04 CST 2016

On 02/09/2016 08:41, JP Hindin wrote:
> My method to success was:
> Spray the bus contacts with a CRC electrical contact cleaner.
> Firmly seat all cards (I tended to slot them in almost all the way, and
> then kind of slam them that last two inches... I was only in my teens and
> a little rough then).

I wonder how many people are using (or still have) the small hex drive
cap screws that are normally used to secure the boards to the chassis?

I always made sure to insert any 9U VME boards gently but firmly and as
far as I could, then tighten both the top and bottom screws if I had or
could borrow them from another slot. This should ensure you're getting
full insertion and contact with the backplane connectors without
damaging the boards or knocking something important loose elsewhere in
the chassis...


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