[rescue] Running FrameMaker on Solaris?

CLIFFORD HAIGHT klemish at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 9 10:20:42 CST 2016

Does anyone use framemaker on their SPARCstation?   I picked up FrameMaker 8
as part of some random software I got with my system.   From what I have found
it requires 512mb of ram which is the max my 10 will take.   I like the idea
of making nice looking reports.   Should I even bother try running it use
something a little simpler.    I am also looking at other formats than word at
work because Word is often infuriating when it comes to formatting.    For my
work we all SOPs and forms have to have a specific header format that has a
table and image.    I've tried OO draw, scribus and LaTeX but they don't allow
for the required headers.    I have been able to recreate documents in html
with CCS looking and sometime rendering better than their word equivalent.
This isn't practical because of the add time and their is no way for it to be
worked on collaboratively through our DCS.

In my head I would like to make a report that record yeast culture states,
temp plots, a PLM capture and other relevant data.   I am sure this idea is
probably way to fancy.    For work I like the idea of idea of good blend or
something that can do word processing but have reasonable layout controls.

I've gotten enough into this little SPARCstation I want to do a lot more with
in than I initially intended.

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