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Tue Feb 9 07:05:45 CST 2016

>> Beware, I didn't notice when I posted the link: it's a CG4 (four),
>> not a CG6 (a.k.a. GX) :-(

>> Dunno if it makes it more or less rare/valuable, but it's probably
>> not as fast and compatible than the ubiquitous GX.

As I recall - it's been a while since I used a cg4 - it is just a dumb
memory-mapped framebuffer, no acceleration at all, except that it's got
_ten_ bits per pixel: eight that are an ordinary 8bpp PseudoColor
framebuffer, one that's a one-bit PseudoColor framebuffer, and one
which is a one-bit framebuffer selecting, per-pixel, which of the other
two is displayed.  That's even how it's laid out in memory: one area
laid out like a normal 8bpp framebuffer (a cg3 or the like) and two
laid out like 1bpp framebuffers (like bw2s).

My impression of the design theory is that the 1bpp framebuffer is
intended for window-manager decorations, allowing them to remain
visible in correct colours while applications get to take over all 256
colourmap cells for the 8bpp framebuffer.

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