[rescue] Determining framebuffer driver major/minor device numbers?

Josh Dersch derschjo at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 00:39:38 CST 2016

So, this is kind of an oddball question, I'll provide a bit of background:

I have an RDI Britelite IPX "laptop" with none of the original OS 
media.  This is essentially a Sparcstation IPX motherboard crammed into 
a laptop enclosure.  In addition to the onboard cgsix graphics, there is 
an sbus card that drives the internal 640x480 LCD, known as "cgRDI." I 
currently have Solaris 4.1.3 running happily on it, and a few months 
back a listmember sent me the driver binaries for the cgRDI.

I have rebuilt the kernel to include the cgRDI driver and the sbus board 
is recognized at boot (as cgRDI0).  So far so good.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what the device major/minor numbers are 
for this driver so I haven't yet been able to create the appropriate 
/dev/fb entry so that xnews is happy.  Since I have no source or 
documentation for the driver, I'm at an impasse, unless there's a clever 
way to deduce this information.

It would be cool to have OpenWindows running on this thing, anyone have 
any ideas?


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